Lost in Wishful Eternity

Sitting across the table, looking at your eyes.

With joy my heart dances like the green glowing fire-flies.

Kisses so sweet that melts my soul.

Such that it flies to become a part of your whole.

Hold my hand and we’ll dance the night away.

Crazy steps but our hearts beat perfect to the rhythm, sway.

Hold my hand and I’ll be free.

Lost in my own wishful eternity.

In our dreams we shall take flight on your white white wings.

Tick-tock tick-tock, the pendulum of time swings.

Sitting in my dark room,all alone.

Thinking of the times we talked on the phone.

Sharing our memories, dark and blue.

Leisurely hours and how time flew.

Remember the times we walked down the lane.

Holding hands, me tripping now and then.

Cupid struck,it was time to celebrate.

With that we also had to contend with Fate.

Without you my life has become gloomy and dull.

Missing you,waiting for the messenger to sing, any signal.

They say you’ve gone far away.

To a far-off place, a sandy bay.

Look into my heart, you reside therein.

Waiting for the time for life to begin.

Love came and swept me away in a passionate torrent.

Like a dry brown leaf I’m dancing in the mad current.

Till then I’m happy in this worldly insanity.

Want nothing more than to be lost in my wishful eternity.

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lone said...

fine...wonderful feelings by being in love...