Let's Return to Childhood....

When I see the bright gleam of your eyes,
I see the sunlight between the trees;the wind sighs.
I see your smile and fall in love all over again.
Like the first time I had walking down the lane.
And every time I hold your hand and smile back at you.
I know I've found a joy known to the very few.
And everytime you kiss my lips and say,"It's Okay!"
I want to kiss you back and say,"I'm always there."
In love with you I've returned to a beautiful place.
A place I'd thought I'd lost, where the soft moonlight kissed my face.
Where I'd felt love and warmth and joy.
Where I knew I wasn't going to be used like a toy.
Twisting my fingers around your curl.
Playing with your hair, waiting for love to unfurl.
Unfurl it did and I returned to my childhood
With you I knew Love was no falsehood.
Love is about giving;giving all you have and more.
Expecting nothing, just loving for sure.
With you I could run free once more.
Like a lil girl in skirts at age four.
I loved not your body but your pure white soul.
I love every inch of you, every part of your whole.
This fragile heart now rests in your hands.
With all its emotions, like of a rainbow,its bands.
Break it, cuddle it or trample it underneath your foot.
Just don't throw it away but display it as your loot.
Even if you break my heart, it's emotions wont die.
It'll love you still,for sure,it'll tell not one lie.
Till then I live in my beautiful innocence revived for as long as I can.
Seeing you grow from a boy to a man.
Rest assured I'm eternally there for you.
Just gimme a signal and I'll do all I can possibly do.
And know that wherever I am, whatever I do.
A part of my heart,my sweet darling,is always full of you.
I'm no angel though I've wanted to be.
I've hurt many people by just being me.
But you touched my heart as you passed me by.
Gave me wings with which I could fly !!
And now that I'm flying without wings,wanting time to stall.
Promise me that you'll catch me before I begin to fall...
But thanks, my sweetheart, for returning my childhood to me.
Forgetting the troubles and the worries,just wanting to be!
Loving and sharing unconditionally in all its entirety.......

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