Conversation with my God

One day I sat down for a chat with God,
I asked God,"God, come and talk to me."
Summons went out after many a year.
God came and sat down to talk to me.
I tried being friendly;asked him what He'd been upto.
He smiled nonchalantly, said."The usual, taking care of things you know."
Smiling sarcastically I said,"Oh ok. The usual stuff."
Lashing out like a thunderous wave, "Then why dont you take care of me?"
"But my child,havent I always looked after you?",he asked me.
Oh really! Have you now?
Then tell me where were You when they dismantled my body from soul.
I said what the heck,they can have my body ,never my soul.
God is looking and will take care of it all.
But You didnt respond;let it happen again,and yet again.
Where were You when I was lying on my bed, motionless, soundless, for hours on end?
Not fear;just hatred of myself and them against whom I couldnt defend.
Where were You when I was being driven crazy,over the top?
Driving madly,not wanting to stop.
Just waiting for each day to come to the end.
Couldnt see nothing much beyond.
Where were You when I was walking hazy in a dream-like state.
Wanting life to end,knowing my nemesis,waiting for my Fate.
And then where were You when those things were happening to him?
You knew I would love him,yet You catered to that beast's whim.
You didnt take of me,You didnt take care of him.
And now You expect me to keep mum?
God said,"But thats the way it was meant to be,
You were to never find perfection in all eternity."
I said,"Thank You God for your kind endeavour and listening to my plea.
But it seems like even You didnt really understand me.
He is always perfect to me,always will be.
But that doesnt excuse you from your Duty."
You gave me life,you gave me love for a few days.
My heart saw a million different dreams spreading out in so many ways.
Thanking You God,I thanked my stars.
At last the end to covered mindless wars.
And then You pulled him out of my reach.
You'd done it again;my trust you did breach.
I dont know what to do;just wanting to scream.
They say You cant kill God;He lives on,He is supreme.
But God today I tell You this and more.
If I cant be with him,I'll kill You for sure.
You are my God,I've loved You like Hell.
But I love him more than You;than words can ever tell.
So if you come between me and him.
I promise You'll never be my God again.
I will lose my Father,I will lose my soul.
But I will not,never,lose again a part of my whole.
You've seen my worship,You've seen my respect.
Now it's time You get to see a brand new aspect.
God said,"Give it Time child,all will be well.
Only Time will show the Future,Time will tell."
I crossed my arms and leaned back and said:
"I'm waiting God but remember Time's dues will be paid."


lone said...

yes time will tell...
simly marvelous...

sulekha said...

love without expectation make wonders.you have a charming style of writting.happy to follow.take care.

A Poetess said...

welcome to our blog. cheers