Lifeless time, time eternal
How can you be so heartless
You have seen all that ever was and will be
Yet you have never felt anything
Oh I wish I could be as hard as you
Then again I am happy I am soft
For I can feel pain and sadness
All the feelings driven by hell
But I can also feel love and joy
And I can be happy
When you live in closed walls
You donot feel the cold wind
Or the whiping rain
But you donot also see the sun
Neither feel its warmth
Donot smell the flowers
I want to be free from those closed walls
And if this be the price then I am willing
Time, kind sir, I may need your help
But do you realize you do need mine
Time, kind sir, lets make a deal
I will show you love
All I want from you is some of your precious presence
I will show you the sun the flowers all that is to be felt
Take you out of that closed four walls
I will show you a lot
Just if you would give some of your precious presence
To My Princess and me if you would
Time, kind sir, give some of your time

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The Eternal Poetess said...

beautiful one debu
juz beautiful