And then I saw the moon.....

I hope this poem answers all your queries,
I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking, I had many worries.
I knew you were busy and I needed time alone.
To feel like what it would be like with you gone.
Sitting in the dark waiting for a ride.
I saw the car flying high up in the air.
And I thought how fate can be,
The ride I was waiting for was never meant to be.
Of how we can only plan and think,
How fate can defeat us after bringing us to the brink.
And then I went for the ride high above in the air.
With the wind making waves in my lonely brown hair.
And then I looked up and saw the moon,
And I knew someday I’ll see you soon.
It doesn’t really matter whether I’m really with you.
At least I’ve found you and want to be there to start life anew.
But this heart refuses to understand, cry it must for it loves too much.
But life asks for an answer to every question, a test as such….
And the question being asked is whether I can love you.
Is there enough strength to carry me through the years not so few?
I was doubting myself, I knew very well.
My heart was tolling an unheard troubling knell.
And then I looked up and saw the moon.
And I knew someday I’ll see you soon.
I don’t know if that’ll be in this world or in the next.
I don’t even know if there is a world after this one.
And I don’t know even there if I’ll be allowed to be with you there.
And then I looked up at the moon.
And I knew someday I’ll be with you someday soon.And even if you aren’t , I know someone’s out there.
With whom my world I would like to share.
And that is a thought which would carry me through the years.Soothe my aching heart, rest all my fears.
I gave you a promise, not to shed a tear.
I’m sorry I broke that today, but to my heart I always keep it near.
Many a time I’ve let the tears dry up in my eye.
My heart ached to let them run, but I never did cry.
I looked dazed and confused but I love you I know.
All these years I have to live with only memories to show.
The years will change you and me beyond the other’s comprehension.
The society will get to me is my greatest tension.
We’ll be seeing things new in faraway places.
The years will even change how we looked at each other’s faces.
But I can always look up at the moon..
And hear my innermost thought’s tune.
I hope to hear the heartbeat that beats in your chest.
As I pray and hope for the best.
But I can always look up at the moon.
As it looks upon my secret wish to see you soon.
At least it knows how much I’ll love you till the very end.
I look at the moon and remember once all the love you send,
The moon knows how I lived my life, lived my time.
I don’t even have to send it all to it through a silly rhyme.
The moon knows how I loved a boy with all my soul.
How it feels like to be the part of a whole.
And how it feels to be disjointed, lost in time and space.
How it feels like that I’ll never be able to see his dear face.
But then I look at the moon and see its sweet glow.
And I think that the wind must there too blow.
The moon I see, the wind that kisses me.
Must be there too , with thee.
What more do I need than the knowledge of a soul,
Me being a part of the wonderful whole.