Trapped in this body I no longer want to stay.

Away from these physicalities, isn’t there any other way?

Where you walk but there are no footprints in the sand.

Where I can hold your soul without holding your hand.

I can then fly, go wherever I wanted ever to go.

Any faraway land, any imaginary shore.

All that the mind may have heard in poem and lore.

Where you wont be missed, you can be wherever you wanted to be.

You don’t feel helpless,

You don’t have to open your heart every time to show your true feelings.

For then it would be clear, all.

Where there is no ridicule after a fall.

Coz then everyone of us will fly.

Free from each other, and yet bound, we even don’t have to try.

Try to be perfect , try to be free.

Choose and decide, which is dearer to me.

And then prove my choice for everyone to see.

For the moment all alone is all I want to be.

Coz in the end, nothing matters.

What you do, what the world infers.

The soul is always here, aint it?

Then why don’t we all free it from the body in which it

Stays trapped……

To a place:

Where there is no love, no hate.

There are no feelings to be controlled by fate.

Where you are dead but yet not so.

Where you can just be, go with the flow.

Why hasn’t such a place been discovered as yet?

Or is it too expensive for it, to me, be let.

I want to break free, tear all these binds.

Kill these tears before my sight it blinds.

I don’t wanna stay trapped in this body anymore.

Any other place is better than this and that’s for sure.

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