Blood and Champagne

A lil bit of luck and a lil bit of pain.
A lil bit of ecstasy mixed with champagne,
Throw in the colors and mix it up well
Lifes a hungry tide and its gonna be swell.
Throw in some confusion;make it a juicy grape.
And make a lil umbrella sit pretty with its creamy cape.
Its gonna be purple and its gonna be red,
Its gonna be blue, no green instead.
Don't know how blood & champagne mix
But if you're ready,that's one drink I can easily fix.


manoshij said...

Sheer philosophy, as far as I could interpret it. Good going, you. Something the could not be accepted was such gloomy, a viewpoint as this one, disturbed it seems...

Anyways, I wish I had discoved your blog earlier, you write well. I shall be looking forward to more posts in the days to come...

Stay well, and yes please have a look at my blog, if possible:

Manoshij Banerjee


hmm.. very well written dyuti .. very well thought of .. and very well composed .. i like the last line the best

A Poetess said...

@BAN- welcome to my blog..

@pinks- its actually very spur of the moment...written in around 5 minutes flat..since i type on my computer itselt...the most time taking activity was searching out the picture...lols..

sawan said...

5 minutes? impressive!

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Good words, good feel and good heart

Indrajit said...


A lyric... !!! amazing .