A bit of 'Lawv'

ok so finally done with my vivas, am glad they are over..haven't written anything meaningful for a long time now..so lets talk about love. i know i know, you'll be saying not again...why love?
then i shall say why not love? i am not necessarily talking of the old and dreary relationship between two individuals who are not connected by blood or other ties of filial or extraneous affection..pardon me but i am a law student, and my thinking is changing!! so i shall be looking at the archaic and done to death concept of love through the eye of a law student, a law critic,maybe even a law skeptic...using the tools of law..so old discussion, dazzling new method...TADA...talk about advertising myself !!!

So let us engage in what love is? what is it...how can u grasp its meaning..there are so many types and typologies of love...you have passion,desire,affection, liking, belonging and even lust being confused with love. So is there one meaning of 'love'..can it be so tangibly separated from the plethora of emotions mentioned above that it can establish its identity as itself...a tangible definable emotion by itself with no overlapping or confusion with possibly any other emotion...according to me, that cannot be done...so logically we would come to the conclusion that love is nothing but a derivative of all these emotions.. that is to say that love is determined by one or more of these emotions at any given period of time in the continuum of a relationship..This is not a value judgment of course. Love being governed by so many other emotions would only add to its color even more, so i would like to think to tie the color of love only to the color of passion i.e. red is most unjust and plain stupid. i mean add some pink for affection,some yellow for happiness, some blues for longing and some greens for jealousy and insecurities..and there you have a whole gamut of emotions making up the rainbow of love...yeah the whole point of this post is to say that love is a rainbow of emotions..duh! so the next time u need to gift that special one something on valentines day make sure to include all the colors of the rainbow in it....sprinkle some more yellows and oranges for cheering up purposes considering the state of affairs in this recession period. :)

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eto bhabuk jinis pottro ?? intersting actually