A Chance Meeting with You.

It’s funny how you and I are alike in our vulnerabilities.
We actually have the very same debilitating disabilities.
And yet we are so very different at the same time.
You are a guy, and I mere woman; so feeble I’m.
While your eyes blink and you have a nervous stance.
I sit there with barely an eyelash batting, lost in life’s dance.
With hands as steady as rock that lifts up the glass.
I look into the eyes of your mind—you know I trespass.
Yet inside I am screaming too, just like you are.
I don’t have the permission to speak, its just bizarre.
And true to myself not a word passes my lips, I feel dead.
Not numb, dead, like something’s gone away, has bled
And it’s never going to come back ever, gone forever
I wish I had a rock to stand on today, when everything’s a blur.
But how can I forget I am my own rock, cruel Irony.
As I dash against myself, its me cutting myself vainly.
Like always…


Ritayan said...

brilliant. there are no other words for it, awesome imagery, dizzying depth. kudos

Parv Kaushik said...

Relationship Status:It's Complicated!

Abe said...

Sort of in the same situation.

Well in my interpretation of it anyways.

I am a guy btw.

I like your poetry Ms.Poetess. Please don't stop writing. Maybe we can have a chat someday.

A Poetess said...

@ritayan: thank you
@parv: au contraire, very simple!
@Abe: thanks. hope it works out for you.