Strong Heart

"The world breaks us all, and afterwards some are stronger in the broken places"
                                             -Ernest Hemingway.
Everyone of us have bad days--when we feel like we cant wake up and make it through the day.Whats important is not that we go through the day like a rockstar, but we pull on our clothes and shoes.Get out of our beds and make it through, and whatever maybe broken inside will heal.But be thankful to the God who gives you another day to deal with. You get a dream, an ambition to fall in love with. A cloud to chase or dreams of building your own home one day. I dream of having my very own puppy, any breed will do. I saw a puppy being mistreated on the streets today, wish I was a stronger person to protest more soundly. Maybe I shall adopt a puppy off the streets, maybe two. On that note, something needs be done about tigers in India..Only 1411 left! Is that a number even? Join the Aircel initiative, I know I have.
Also do you know of anyone who has faced conflicts head on and survived..someone who needs assistance for further studies, you might want to refer them to the The Strongheart Fellowship
Till then I shall work on making this heart a stronger one, big enough to deal with problems and strong enough to shelter others in it.
Do you have a strong heart? If you do, cheers to you!



nice food for thought!!

Ritayan said...

i have no idea and since you did not say your name, it makes the task even more difficult. anyway i am ritayan mukherjee, st xavier's college kolkata passout, maybe that rings a bell otherwise please let me know your name perhaps i could be of more help then.

Marinela said...

Nice blog here :)

A Poetess said...

@marinela: thanks for your visit

Abe said...

A shell of titanium doesn't mean you can be broken on the inside. I leave where I am broken, broken. Probably because that is what tells me that I am human and not a stone. It connects me to the "the best days of my life." Lol. Cracks are what connect me. Its all that I am cracked up to be.