Lessons of Life

10 Things I learned about relationships..the usual type:-

  1. Never be with a person who does not appreciate your tears- Life is not perfect and neither are human beings. We will all break down at some point of time or the other,and its then that companionship and acceptance matters the most. A person who thinks you are manipulative just because you are crying, has got some serious problems and should be avoided at all costs.
  2. Never let anyone make you feel inferior- If anyone wants to make you feel competitive with people of the same gender in their lives, first look within yourself for any insecurities. Then try and understand the basis for those insecurities. More often than not, if you were not suffering from paranoid jealousies before with anybody else(eg-parents, friends' attention), there is something wrong in the way your partner is treating you and you are hitting back in the most primal way.
  3. Dump a flirtatious partner at the 1st instance- When your significant other is making twinkly eyes at someone who is not you, RUN!!
  4. Integrate yourself into the family- If the family does not accept you easily, try. If the family does not accept you even then, keep trying. If the family is constantly degrading you: read last word of 3.
  5. There's no breaking the glass wall- If at any point of time, you feel like you have hit a glass wall with the other person & it only needs a lil trying on your part to make him/her to see your point of view--truth is he/she has already chosen his/her own point of view. If you can compromise and live with that without regrets, do and if not: read last word of 3.
  6. Do not give of yourself completely and unconditionally-You are just thought to be cheap. I know it sounds contradictory to what the ideal of love ought to be, but thats the way it is!
  7. Distinguish between friendship and flirting- Related to point 3. But this refers to yourself rather than the other person. Never give up your friends whatever sex they belong to, no matter how much your partner pesters you on this point. However that does not mean, you can walk holding hands or ride shotgun with hands all over the place.
  8. Careful if its not public knowhow- If your partner is not comfortable to making your relationship known to people, be a teeny bit careful. Not only because it signals not all izz well with him/her, but also because however good/justified a reason he/she may have for not doing so, you will ultimately feel like the loser.
  9. Quit if its making you sad/depressed all the time- Relationships are a part of life, if contented & fulfilling it can go a long way in enriching the life experience. But if its not, it can drain all the energy and happiness out of you making you feel disheartened. It makes sense to quit because the whole point of being in a relationship with someone is that you want to share some special moments/something with another.
  10. A relationship takes two-Enough said.


Parv Kaushik said...

very well written.. i'll be sharing it on my facebook profile.. i hope it reaches as many ppl as it can.. especially girls!!

sawan said...

luvd this one. how ever, on point #1, I wud lv to tlk to you. agreed that ppl wud break down at SOME POINT OF TIME and its then that companionship and acceptance matters the most. With all due respects to your words, I feel that tears are a very tricky part of any relationship. Ive seen this happening with frenz and to an extend to myself. I might be wrong, and hence I wud luv to hear from u on this. Tears could affect a relationship if its over done. Now tell me this, where do u draw the line? when wud u say that tears are overdone? Time have changed and its not the old filmy world that we live in today. we [men] I believe expect the girl to be a lil strong and practical and I know that they are. in fact they are emotionally stronger than the guys, Even then, there are people who cry almost every day. Do you think that’s justifie? If I say that being over emotional or over dependent on some one can cause damage to the relationship, wud u agree?
for the rest of it, I simply loved it. wud share the link in twiter. have a grt day :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

Hey there. Thanks for dropping my on my blog.. love this list. hits all the right places lady! :)



wow!!..was wondering frm where u got tis awakening of sorts!! ;)

A Poetess said...

@sawan: i would not like talking about this. whatever i had to say on this subject is in the public domain, the rest..shall we say we let the sleeping dogs lie? Dont mind, nothing personal, just my decision.
@parv: thanks for your appreciative words..as always!