Give me a Name

These memories filing my head

The voice that is just about dead

Hold my hand and let us walk

Past is past and future is eternal


The real world is hard to live in

We keep on falling and getting hurt

Remember me walking in the rain?

It’s that me, I am here again


I know I said it a thousand times

But, I am yours and you are mine

Hold my hand and we will fly

Higher than anyone, closer to the sky


Gathering stardust, scattering more

I don’t want us to burn out like before

Pull me up if I fall,

I don’t want to, just like you.


A little boy I see the world

So big, so dark, so fearful

Hold my hand we can make it through

Because I am scared, just like you


I am still thinking about you

As rain starts and stops

As the sky grows dark

As the as the leaves change colour


As you go deep into my heart

I fly up into the sky

This little boy might never be a prince

But to this boy you are always his princess


rimz said...
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rimz said...

words n feelings direct from heart so easily touches other ppl. ur blog is jst like dat.
d poem brought thousand memories bak. its awesome...

rimz said...

n, o ya, u disappionted(by not remembering d template's site name), but ur blog dint....:)... i got d name by clickin on a widget on ur blog..:)

A Poetess said...

Hey! you missed out on the fact that this is a co-authored blog and this post has been made by Mr. Deja vu, my co-author so a big thanks on his behalf to you for your comments since i am in charge of the comment moderation, but i shall surely pass on ur comments to him :)
and im glad that u found out the link to the template..hope it helps.

rimz said...

but ur dis template is not very good. cream n white is not a good color combi, n its sprainin eye...

A Poetess said...

@RIMZ: we were trying to upgrade the template because i didnt take a fancy to the all black one, does not go with the mood of this blog, but we have kept it for later.
you kind of caught it at the 'working process' but now its back to the usual :)



A Poetess said...

Thanks Pinky

Daanish said...

This little boy might never be a prince

But to this boy you are always his princess

superb !!!

Robin said...

Your poise reminded me of Oriah's writing from the Invitation.

A Poetess said...

@daanish-thanks for ur comment on our blog.


last 2 stanza's touched me immensly..