reflections of a confused mind.........

Dwelling on the words that you wrote to me.
i was thinking what they were meant to be...
the first time i saw them i was shocked,
the second time i heard them i cried very hard...
but then i came to know that you never meant them at all,
it was i who said things which made you fall.
there are times when i sit down to think what my life would be.....

if you hadnt come searching for the girl that you found in me,
my life would have been so bland, so dead.
i would have no use for my heart, just using my head.
so the very thought of returning to that life of mine,

is so repulsive to me that i cannot define.
one request i would like to make to you, this once.
if you ever change your mind about this, tell me at once.
but do it in front of me,let me hold you once last time.
give me your shoulder just one last time,

a last good cry with you as just mine.

a promise of this is all i want,
otherwise forever your living memories my life will haunt.
not that i'll ever be able to forget you,wipe off my love.
but at least i'll have the consolation that you did respect my love.
till then we've got a job to do,
coz else society wont let me be with you.
hoping this dream never comes to an end.
the sun never comes sneaking in to break the heart you did mend.
of course we'll have vodka the day im free.
whithout that hope, how can this life ever be??

on an amusing note, catch me in my drunken state as i fall over..
and i will blame you for the next day's bloody hangover.
we have no choice in our destiny right now,
but we can always work to keep our vow.
dreams are what our lives are made of.
hope one day this dream will come true....