The Flush of First Love

as the stars twinkle in the nite sky
think about the times we fly
today tomorow and everyday
about the times in your arms i lay
how much i love you and you do me
of how we were just meant to be!!
i'll never stop loving you
even if my breath stops,my soul will always be there with you...
i belonged to noone else
you brought the light into my life so dense..
you are my first, you are my last.....
im holding onto you real fast...
i've never been so happy till i met you
didnt realise that it was love thats meant for the very few....
when i said i loved you, i really meant it
without you i cannot live, and thats the basic gist of it....
time will fly,you'll see my love..
and we will fly together like a free dove!!