Still looking for lost Atlantis?
Too much tears, so many seas I lose everything;
I cling on to life Because I lose everything;
There are so many seas

And Atlantis, under cease!
Lost meanings, deaf words, shouting I lose the words I wanted to sing
luminous bits of human rights I call them up in darkest nights I say I have urgent business, Just wait But they ask me to get lost!
The girls, they put roses in my pocket

Foolish pocket, full of silly things
My friends lost in course of lying....
The pocket cannot find a thing in time!
Lost faiths, part-time theories, life is fierce- I can't stand it staring from blank eyes I lost to Cook and Columbus, and Atlantis

My last hope, I refuse to lose, sometimes.

When I was younger I made solid plans
They really had flavours and fragrance,
Very much like cakes just out of oven!
Their rotten cores haunt me now.
Born losers embrace death open armed

But historic souls lost in the pyramids
Tell me a totally different story about it
Death is not the tranquil end of losing;
I rather cling on to life, I love the bees

For I know, for me, there's a lost Atlantis!

And the credit goes to....Ramanuj Mukherjee...a fellow legal-eagle n poet like urs truly.......

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