Bamboo Shoots and Flights of fantasies

My aim is to be like the bamboo shoot
So strong in its roots, and so flexible above;
When a Strong wind blows, it bends,
But never breaks.

It gives the strength to wild grass to grow,
Carefree on its roots; around it, enmeshing it.
Little pins and needles seem stuck in my heart;
Bleeding it at inappropriate moments.

The more they push themselves in,
Like a bamboo tree, I shall grow higher;
Reach towards the skies, touch the stars,
WIth stars on each of my fingertips.

I shall see dreams of fairies and love.
Somwhere beyond the horizon,
My dreams will take flight, like birds.
Then this simple rooted thing,
Would have taken flight.
No sudden pangs of heartache,
Will then caress that dream's heart.


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Debojyoti_ The Enigma said...

The pain blended so well with the hope, the aspiration and memories nix like the champagne and the olive. its intoxicatingly matured and touchingly simple...just like you.

sawan said...

Brilliant! I read your post on reader and re read it and re read it. loved it. then i came here but got a lil disappointed with the layout and design. you may want to check on why the words seem to be overlapping on ur main page. I use IE 8 on my offcie laptop.

Kalyan said...

lovely lines...beautifully crafted words!

sawan said...

life keeping you busy poetess? :O

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

Touching post:D

A Poetess said...

Thank you all for commenting.

I am glad and hopeful reading all your comments after visiting my own page after all this while.

For those who I have disappointed in not having replied earlier, I plan to be more active and write more. :)

Sawan, life was keeping me busy...Now I am trying to give myself to myself again ;)