I read and see so much that it bleaches my insides,
there is just too much theory and too little soul.
All I want is now lost in the ashes of time.
Grey with ages, floating away like dust,
they crumble on the tips of my fingers,
As I shut the old book with a firm thud.
Only you can hear me through the silence.
In your eyes, I see the reflection of brilliance.
The dipping orange glow of the setting sun,
against your profile, the happy twinkle.

Strange as it seems, I'd find comfort in darkness,
but now you make sunshine so mellow.

And now that I have found you again Happiness,
I promise to never let you go, till death do us part.


Sonnet of a Spirit said...

Grasp happiness with all your might, and whatever that happens, never let it go. Wish you all the best:D

A Poetess said...

I am sonnet.. I am trying very hard to do exactly that. Sorry for not replying earlier to your comment.