For some romances last...even after they are over.

I'm saying goodbye even before I say hello.
Every time I am just walking out the door,
When I haven't even tried turning the key.
For it is only in my loneliness do I find you.
It's in the whisper of time that I hear you.
Softly brushing against my skin in light teasing,
Of memories--dark and light, sad and pleasing.
So many sunsets, twilights and open endings.
Drinks that burned the back of my throat,
Cannot even compare with the unshed tears.

For I am loathe to part with them,
Now that they're all I have left of you.

A lifetime is too little time to get over you.
And the reason is simple, I just dont want to.
Hoping that if one day on passing each other by,
You'll find it in your heart to smile once before I die.
It is indeed so hard to die when there's beauty around.
Dark shadows cloud my eyes-what's lost is once again found.


Ritayan said...

beautiful...i relate to this piece for a myriad reasons, and all i know is that you did justice to this theme...

A Poetess said...

glad to know you think that...well I guess we dont let certain things die out, because we are holding onto them desperately,for should they be lost in the abyss of time...what would be left?