I have been fighting these tears--on the brink tears.
Fighting all the too loud questions and the fears.
It seems to be déjà vu all over for me again.
Just after flushed happiness comes the pain.
I’d said to myself a long ago that I wouldn't do this.
But here I am, betrayed by my latent wishes.
The questions stay bottled up inside.
Pounding my head; relief only when I’ve cried.
All the doubts in my mind are killing me.
What keeps you silent? When I need you to feel me.
Slowly a yawning hole is opening in my soul.
It’s only a matter of time before its shows in my eyes.
I hope you know what you want, no mistake.
Its only love that lasts, the passion pales in its wake.
When you’ve made up your mind, knock on my door.
But the door closes behind you, so you gotta be sure.
If it isn’t love, I won’t hold you to anything
But beyond this point, there is no going back.


Ritayan said...

"When you've made up your mind, knock on my door"...i am not sure why the imagery and the idea of these words really mean a lot to me. i like the flow of this piece, it seamlessly blends tentative emotions and a confident lover, who knows he will come....kudos, keep writing

Abe said...

Standing where I am not knowing where I stand
I look on ahead, I do not know what I see
Illusions are they made of fond memory?
Walking because I have to walk but I dont know where I go
Looking back I see the the path I had been on
That is where I want to be back in my own history
I am very lost but I have to walk
Why must I walk I do not know
How many times has it been?
Oh so many, so many jumbled up pieces of red string
In autumn leaves, or sunflower bushes
In foggy windows, in dusty heat
But for me it was all just winter
So very very sweet december
So many pieces of jumbled red strings
I wish they would go away, for when they do its wonderful
Just me and you.

Debdipto Ghoshal said...

wonderful...this one truly shows the depth of your soul...written with true passion....I love it

A Poetess said...

@Ritayan: thanks
@abe: you got the message way wrong. that is all i can say.
@deb: ;)

Léo Santos said...

Beautiful poem! Things are so right! The passions are the pain and tears, his favorite company!