And I take leave...of my senses that is.

Has an increasing hysterical urge to laugh and cry
And swing on the inter-galactic pathway from here
To heaven; not that you should think I am high.
I am just out of my mind.
So I shall now take leave,
Of my senses too that is.
So can I sit down and do some normal stuff?
Are You done with your stupid silly games?
If You weren’t God, I wouldn’t be so polite.
Wouldn’t ask twice.
Need to clean my act.
And my cupboards too.
Wants to knock on God’s head and see what goes on.
Is he having a good laugh while I am swinging on?
I hope to God He is, coz I don’t feel like laughing much.
At least someone should laugh,
At any given point in time.
Me thinks I want ice cream.