Inhibited Rage fills my mind..
My soul screams for perdition..
Words have stopped...
and I feel trapped..
God please please let me out
--Is all my mind screams.
But there is no divine revelation.
Only blank silences and monologues
With me as its only audience.
Gibberish words making sense to none
Headless images swirling but doesn't fix on one
Poetry has bid a bloody sweet kiss for a goodbye
And the finer emotions are singing their own lullaby
Life has become an euphemism for a senseless rout
As I try to recover from each nauseated bout
Whats wrong..Whats right..Am i going through puberty?
But thats a laughable option coz I'm twenty!
Blankness eats away at a part of my soul
Redemption would come only with something novel
A little piece of heaven is what everyone wants
I want the chaotic Pandemonium of Perdition
For there this rage would be released from its inhibition
And I would pass onto the hellish heaven of mine

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Anonymous said...

i have written sthing new.